Best DAW Digital Audio Workstation

Best Daw Digital Audio Workstation

Best Daw for starting music Production in 2020:

Daw is the most essential tool for music production. There are thousand of daw in the market. But In this post, I am going to tell or discuss some of the most popular daws in the market. if you use this, there are lots of youtube tutorials there where you can learn about music production and music tips.

Fl studio or Fruity loop studio:

This is one of the most famous DAW in the market and use by lots of legendary music producer.

It is easy to use DAW. It has lots of great built-in plugins like Harmor, sytrus, Flux, etc. You can do mixing, mastering, recording. It has more than 20 years of reputation in the market.

In the latest version, it has now a good workflow. If you buy one, you not to pay money for an update because it has a lifetime free update. You can even make music on your phone or tablet if you purchase the app. The user interface on both computers and mobile is quite impressive and it's constantly evolving. If you want to learn hands-on, there’s quite a lot of project files that you can study from within the DAW itself.

Famous artists like Avicii, Martin Garix, porter Robinson uses this daw.

It has a demo version so you can try it for free. 

Ableton live:

It is known for its good and fast workflow. It easy to use daw. It was founded in 1999.

If you chose this daw it will give a fast workflow interface where you can produce more music in less time. Ableton Live is a customizable DAW that has a simple and understandable user interface. This really helps things organized and distraction-free.

Not only is this a great benefit for studio sessions but also live performances and yeah, Ableton live handle live performance really well.

you can also get the Ableton push if you want to jam out on some hardware that's actually built for Ableton live.

Artists like marshmallow, Skrillex uses this daw.

It has a demo, you can try this.

Logic Pro:

Logic Pro is quite easy to understand and use.

The price of this DAW comes at a pretty reasonable. Now this DAW doesn't actually have a demo version of its own but with GarageBand being so similar to it and it also is free, it's considered to be the demo version of logic.


It is one of the most powerful DAW in the world for music production. It has lots of flexible tools which helps you to make good and any kind of music. Cubase has lots of music tutorials on their official website.

Cubase comes with a simple notation editor if you want to use sheet music. Now if you love to collab, there's a great cloud-based collaboration feature built into the DAW. Packed with some unique editors above the typical DAW, Digital Performer gives you access to notation and a waveform editor. Not only can you edit notation but you can integrate lyrics and even transcribe it to
actual sheet music too, all within the DAW. This DAW can edit and automate the pitch of vocals sample and really any other audio with ease. Not to mention, the pitches can be converted right to MIDI.

Artists like Hans Zimmer uses Cubase to make music for movies.


Maschine is a DAW  that is developed to use hardware in mind. It comes with a MIDI controller that has been tailored to extend the capabilities of the DAW. Seamlessly integrates these two together and unleash your finger drumming finesse.

The best part about it, you can use the Maschine hardware with other DAWs too. And There are also 4 types of versions of the hardware to choose from, with the DAW itself is the same across all of them.

 If you want to try before you buy, the Machine is without a demo of any kind. It's one of the few things Native Instruments doesn't actually have a demo for.

Pro Tools:

If you've got the money and want to be on top of the game, Pro Tools is definitely one of,
if not the most expensive DAW out there.

Packed with excellent features and industry-standard technologies, its price is going to come with its perks.
At a price that's less than most plugins out there,


Reaper is a pretty good budget DAW. Better yet, it’s fast to spin up and runs efficiently.
This daw comes with a notation editor and a well-done interface for the entire DAW.

Even if the default theme isn’t appealing to you, there's a lot of custom themes made by the Reaper community.


Reason takes synthesizers to another level with stock synths such as shape-shifting,
a polysonic, an analog, and a really unique Graintable synth that combines granular and wavetable synths, all in one. And they don't stop there. There's are lots of more instruments and effects that come with the Reason itself.


Sonar is a very cheap DAW. Although it does have the most inexpensive entry-level version, there are a few other upgrades to the DAW if you wanted to get more out of it.

If you do decide to upgrade, you get access to a ton of additional features one of them
being a plug-in called Melodyne.

This comes with the last two upgrades to Sonar and a demo of it with the version above the lowest.
This lets you hum, whistle, or even sing melodies and Melodyne will convert it to MIDI for you
to use with instruments in the DAW.

Studio One:

If none of the DAWs on the top 10 appeals to you, the next three might be what you’re looking for
or at least want to try out. Studio One is basically a free DAW you can use there demo and comes as the best free DAWs out there.

This is a pretty good DAW with a crossgrade option for people wanting to switch to Studio
One from another DAW they already own. You’ll get the professional version at a very good discount

Adobe Audition:

Adobe is well-known for its industry-standard in. Well, pretty much everything to make. Adobe Audition holds up to the high quality of Adobe's other products but because they only provide monthly subscriptions and you can't actually buy this DAW, it didn't quite make it into the top 10.
it s a really good DAW for voice talent.


Bitwig has a pretty unique story.
It was made by engineers that left Ableton to create a DAW that wasn’t as heavy as Ableton Live, and it even supports Ableton Link. As a bonus, if you get a copy of this DAW they’ll give you a year free upgrades, so at least you'll stay up-to-date.


Now there are plenty of other DAWs in the game right now and many more to come.
It's worth repeating, there isn't a one-size-fits-all when it comes to Digital Audio Workstations. You really have to check them out and see if they’re good for you. Although going with a more popular DAW does come with the benefit of a promising future of updates, an active community, and there are more people learn from and share ideas with.