Earn money from music

How music producer Earn money

In the journey of music production journey, creating music is not only a necessary part for the producer or the music artist. another important part of a music producer or music artist is how he/she can earn money from it, How they can convert their passion to profit.

So in this post, I am going to explain how can a producer or a music artist earn money From his music.

From the music streaming site:

Every music you produce to make sure that it is on different music streaming platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud. There is a service called distrokid or CDBaby which makes it really simple. you can not directly upload your music on this streaming site. you can take the help of distrokid or CDBabby service. This service helps you to distribute your music on these different music platforms.

You can go and signup for these, it takes little charge. After sign up, you can release and distribute your unlimited music. After these, you can earn money from these streaming platforms by joining there as a publisher partner.

You also can do Youtube. You can upload your music on youtube and then when your channel got monetize you can earn money from your music video by showing ads in your video. You can earn money in a sense of content-id.

Anytime someone uses your music on their youtube video, Content id track that and pay you every single time that happens.

Sync Licensing:

You can get your music on tv, on film on trailers on video games, radio so many opportunities to syn licensing. Because all tv shows have music, all radio has music, all trailers have music so there are lots of opportunities out there.

Go on google and search for sync licensing so you can find one whats you want to works with and contact them make your pitch and earn money.

Selling Your Sound:

Nowadays producers are selling their beats like drum sounds, they selling their loops sounds, sound fx, they want to share with the world.

This is an opportunity for you to make money. There are a lot of great websites like sellfy that you can upload your kits to for sale.

When you gain more notoriety you can start working with companies like splice to get your sounds out there. One important thing that you are original and you are not copying other producer's beats or copying other producer sounds. There is enough copy out there. be yourself and to be authenticated in your sound.

Make your melodies and samples. one thing you have to do is that once your own pack of melodies and samples ready you can sell them and another thing is that lots of producers are doing is that they are collecting royalties from their melodies also.

Get Music Job:

So getting a music job is not to easy. you need to good at music and you need to spread your work so that people know your music work. If some people want to make music or record their sound they will hire you. The other thing is that you will notice by people word-by-mouth. If your wor is good you will get more attention and get an opportunity to make music for them and you will earn money for these.

You can tell your friends to help that if anyone wants to make music, contact you.

Work as a Ghost producer:

In this time there are lots of producer there who wants ghost producer to make their music or help them to make their music. So this is a way that you can earn money as a producer. Contact people who want to ghost producer for making their music and earn some money.

You can create social media account like youtube, facebook page and you can brand your self as a ghost producer and you need to patient for these.

Work as a ghost producer is easy now just you need to stay active about this and searching for these opportunities.

Teaching your music skills:

If you are a good music producer and have good music production knowledge then, you can teach your music skills to beginners who want to start music production.

You can teach producers for free for basic things. when your youtube channel will grow than using your youtube channel you can sell your music production skills.

You can use Udemay for these which is a great platform or you can make a website on WordPress and then sell your course.

Also, you can earn money from a seminar, live classes. you can start music teaching school n your area and teach students. Or you can go to a different music school and share your skills and they will pay you. Just make yourself an established producer so that you get the opportunity automatically.

Live and Dj show:

You can earn money a Dj from live show. So for this, you need to establish yourself. you need to create your brand so that people know you and want to see your show.

You can start with small number of audiences. You can contact different show organizers to give you a chance or opportunity to perform.


earn money from a passion is not easy as beginners so you just need to just focus on how to be perfect on that passion, how to master that passion. Invest time in learning skills and also improving your skills. After learning a skill use it properly and make a good product and spread it to the world, so that people know your skills and talent. You not  need to focus on money, the money will automatically come to you.