How to become a music producer

A simple way to become a music producer fast

How to become a music producer

To become a music producer, you have to commit yourself and try to better than everyone else, which means you need to do hard work. use most of your time in music production if you want to really good at it. Try to learn as much as you can. Watch tutorials of music production, read books, search in online forums.

If you keep your journey for a long time then you will get there soon.

Become a music producer now a day is very easy and simple. Now in this digital era, you don't need lots of tools to start or learning music production.

For become or starting music production journey you just only need a computer and a good studio level headphone.And need a music production software called DAW(Digital Audio Workstation).
And you also need to follow these points also.

What type of computer and headphone is best for you:

I recommended you to buy a computer of at least an i3 processor and the ram of 4gb is enough for you. It can vary depends on your budget. If your budget more then you can go with a higher and powerful pc which is good for you.

Now headphones, you can buy studio monitoring headphones which are the best recommendations. You can buy it from amazon.

Now Buy the DAW:

DAW is the most essential part of music production. There are lots of daw in the market like fl studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, pro tools, etc.

Now I recommended you to buy fl studio or Ableton live or you can download the demo version all this daw and practice it. If anyone of them suitable for you then you chose it.

Be original as a music producer;

Don't try to copy someone else's music producer's work. Take inspiration from them but not copy them. It's ok to recreate and learn but not to release it.

Try to find your own signature style or sound. Well, it's taken some to find your sound, but if you practice continuously you will get there.

Feedback your music:

Don't just ask your friend and family for your feedback, they will tell you that your music is good, but the reality is that your music is sucks. No one is perfect at the beginning of becoming a music producer. It takes time to perfect.

Seek for good producer to feedback your sound or music. There are lots of music producer there who will give you the correct feedback and they will also tell you how to improve your music. Honest feedback is really important. It will enable you to learn from your failures.

You can take help from youtube, where lots of music producer giver feedback in their music stream. Just follow or subscribe to them to get the feedback by sending your music.

Now learn some extra things:

extra thing like it depends on your interest. Learn a piano or a guitar. It will give you an understanding of music and helping you to create the best melodies.

You can buy a midi keyboard and then connect it with your daw and you can learn midi instruments easily.

Upload your music on everywhere:

Upload your music on every music streaming site like youtube, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. You need to spread your music to all available mediums to reach as many fans as possible. It will give a push to your music production career

If your music is good, people will listen to it and share it. Eventually, you'll be able to build a fanbase but that won't happen if people can't find your music.

Listen to More music from other producers:

You should spend a minimum of one hour every day just listening to music. Try to analyze it, break it down, how is it out together, what makes it work.

Don't just listen to your genre's music. listen to other genres also. This can really boost your creativity and give you ideas you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

Don't' be tangled on gear or tools or plugin:

You don't need a huge amount of expensive gear, synths, plugins or presets to make good music. The only thing you really need is a decent computer and a pair of headphones and a DAW which I already discussed before.

try to learn one plugin at a time. For example, learn a synth or a compressor and know how they work 100%. In this way, you will not confused and you can work smoothly.

Learn mixing and sound designing:

The skills of today's music producers are mind-blowing. You need to know your stuff if you want to stand out from the rest. Learn the Mixing of your music proper way, learn different mixing tricks for improving your music and creative and to reduce your time consumption to make music.

You can also learn different sound designing techniques. For example,, How to make EDM sound or how to make or design bass for your music. Lean a synth and master and create your own sound.


To become famous in music production is not easy. It takes time, You can not succeed in overnight after learning music in one day. Enjoy the ride and stick with it. Stay consistent on music production, take it as a hobby and never give up.