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When you start your music production journey as beginners, you can face lots of trouble with this. Sometimes you make music but people not listening to it.

In this article, I am going to explain some music production tips so that you can make good music and get success in music production.

Use most of your time in music production:

You should be spending significantly more hours in music production if you are really passionate about it.

Check all your music elements, analyze it,  where to be used. here music elements like software vst plugins or midi keyboard.

If you work with other music producers then discuss your all musical elements how you going to use.

Schedule your time, in what time you going to make music, record your music or master your music.

Understand your music tools, DAW and Softwares:

If want to become a music producer then this is very important that you know about your daw. Now daw is the very essential thing for a music producer.

If you are a bedroom producer then you need to find out how your DAW works, how different things of DAW works, how to organize your DAW

You also need to understand how your different DAW's plugin works like reverb, delay or other like mick, sound interface, etc works and how to use it properly.

More the knowledge about your tools, the less the time takes to make a good music product.

Don't be procrastinate in music production:

When we start or making music then sometimes we distracted and slip out from our track. So you need to care about this.

Focus on your work, If you use daily use 2 hours to make music, make sure you use 2 hours more with concentration.

Not going to make 2 or 3 music together, it will give ou stress. make 1 and after completed choose the other.

Analyze Other music:

When you listen to other producer's music then not just listen to them, analyze them. How they use their drums, how they use bass in their music, but don't copy them.

how they make their melody, drops. It will help you to improve your music.

there are lots of music producers there on youtube who feedback music of small producers in live stream and give a suggestion what to do. You can watch this stream to improve your skills.