Best youtube channel for learn music production

Best youtube channel for learn music production

Hello producer, how are you all, I hope you great. so in this article, I am going to tell some good music channel on youtube that you can learn music production, sound design and lots of things that make your music journey fast. If I missed something then comment it below.

Future Music Magazine:

For making music you need basically these things like inspiration, motivation, step process of making music, sound designing(which is not essential for beginners), etc. Future Music magazine completes these things. In this channel, you can find how different big producer makes there tracks step by step. you can also learn how they use their daw, their music tricks, etc. The big producer shows how they make their hit track and how they process their track. The producer all show you what compressor they use what VST they use how they record their vocals and process it. You can find how big producers like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Alan Walker, Chainsmoker and lots of producers make their track.

ADSR Music Production Tutorial:

This is one of the great music channels on youtube. In this channel, you can learn detail of music production like sound design stuff, making samples, inspired track, bass design, and lots of things.
You can find here different synth reviews on their channel and also you can learn how to use them too. You can learn also how can you make chord progression professionally and how to use daw smoothly and effectively.

FL Studio by Image-Line:

If you use fl studio daw then this would be best for you. And it does not mean that if you use another DAW then you can watch it but you can learn lots of things too. Now fl studio is one the popular and easy to use daw which is used by lots of great EDM producers. In this channel, You can find how to use the daw properly and how to use the built-in VSTs inside the daw. If you follow this channel you can find lots of unique this that you can use in your music. Trust me it will be worth it. I personally use fl studio so if you use fl studio, then you can check this too.

The official channels of DAWs:

Every DAW making company have their official youtube channel so that you can learn the daw properly. for Ableton, the youtube channel is Ableton and for Cubase, the youtube channel is Cubase. So where you can learn the daw properly and you also know how to use it properly.
You will know how to organize your track, manage, record mixing master, etc.

Single producer's channel:

there are lots of Youtuber who teach you how to make music, how to mixing master, how to sampling, how to process vocals etc. From them, I select some producers with the help you can learn music production sound designing fast like Busy work beats, In the Mix, InspirAspir, producer school, and lots where you can learn sound design, djing, and a lot of music-related stuff.


So you can learn music from anywhere it does not mean that you need to follow this channel. I just give this example because it helps me a lot it also helps you too. This channel is professionals. You will professional things from this channel. And not just youtube you can learn music production from the different websites also. just you need to search on google. So yeah keep learning and producing.