Switching of DAW is not good idea for beginners

Hello, guys welcome to my new article. In this age of digital, people are learning a lot of things in digital like painting, animation, web design, etc. and music production is one of them also. There are lots of software, you can say Daw which with the help you can make music on your computer.

But nowadays there are lots of DAW in the market. The beginner artists are confused about what daw use like fl studio or Ableton.

Now music producers are learned one DAW and then switch to another DAW and waste their time and also regrets.

So I am going to explain why DAW change is not a  good idea for beginners. And also I am going to explain When you need DAW switching.

So if you search on youtube that switching DAW, then you can find that they switch from FL Studio to Ableton or Pro Tools to Ableton or Ableton to Cubase, etc.

The main reason they will tell you that

  1. For workflow
  2. For organizing project
  3. For recording and sampling
So in some cases true and some cases not. 

So my opinion is that all the daw is the same capable of power and DAW has pros and cons.

Its depends on you how you manage it and use it

In the end, peoples going to listen to you music not you DAW

Whatever DAW you use, learn it, master it and make good music on it And focus on hoe you can share your music with the world.

When you Need switch DAW:

It depends on lots of factors like
  1. If are an individual or you have a team.
  2. Professional works
So, When you work with different teams, then may your team member uses different daw. so you need to learn these daws.

Sometimes for different collaboration, you need to learn DAW so that you can produce good music fast.